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Welcome Dr. Ashley Hill

  Well, I finally did it!  I graduated on May 15, 2015 as a Doctor of Veterinary medicine. 

I have been working at City Park Animal Clinic with Dr. Frucci since summer of my first year and time has just flown by.  I am excited to be lucky enough to continue working at the best vet clinic in Fort Collins with the most amazing mentor and (of course) the best patients and clients! 

I was managing our website and social media, but senior year of veterinary school is....busy, to say the least.  I decided to make this blog the Ashley show and give you a review of what I've been doing for the last year.

In case you're not familiar with the CSU Veterinary Teaching hospital, let me just say it was an amazing place and so far the best time of my life.  Students work directly with doctors (an unbelievable amount of them!) on rotations to gain clinical experience.  We do rotations - we move through various departments in the hospital in 2 week blocks.  I started my clinical rotations on Dermatology (skin issues) where allergy was the main event.  I fell in love with it and I even wrote a song about it for our senior music video.  Check it out below

Then I went on to Ophthalmology (eyes), that is a very hard word to spell.  Being a bit ophthophobic, I was nervous but really enjoyed it.  I plan to get a special handheld microscope called a slit lamp to help with our eye exams.  I had Orthopedic (bone) surgery in July, but my first real surgical experience was with the Community Practice service where we performed spays, neuters, mass removals, and other procedures. 
Cardiology holds a special place in my heart (I love puns).  This cute pup is one of the Cardiologist's dogs.  Then there was post-mortem exam, anesthesia, and radiology. I love radiology!  I recently purchased an ultrasound machine out of pocket to do more diagnostic procedures.  We are hoping to add full ultrasound exams to our services soon along with digital xray. 
Critical care is notoriously one of the most difficult rotations as we take care of all the hospitalized animals.  We got a lot of case management experience for all kinds of animals. 
Neurology (brain/spinal cord diagnostics) was a lot of fun.  MRI is interesting, but I don't think we'll be adding it to our practice any time soon.  I love this group shot of my classmates and myself on that rotation.  I do look good in white....
I loved Internal Medicine so much I took it 3 different times.  I got to work with incredible doctors, some of them leaders in their subjects.  Major medicine problems are immune-mediated disease and kidney issues - so much about the kidney! 
After another surgery rotation, I had Urgent Care (an emergency triage service) late in the year.  I was a bit nervous but I fell in love with it.  CSU is a very busy hospital and I am hoping to add hours and cases to City Park to ease their burden and patients' suffering. 
 I ended my year with Oncology (cancer)...and also Orthopedics again.  CSU is the #1 place for animal cancer treatment and I was blown away by how far treatments have come.  We are so lucky to have them close by.
All through this past year I have been thinking of City Park Animal Clinic.  I continued going in every once in a while, usually after hours to do some book work.  But now I am around every day and I am thrilled. 
Well, that's my year in review.  There are so many stories I could write a book.  No joke, I've always thought about it.  My mom always told me my biography should be titled "Cats Can't Spit."   I am torn between that or "Please don't shush me" and "I could eat."  Anyways, while I work on that in all my vast free time, swing by to hear more about my ventures.  But truth be told Dr. Frucci's stories are far superior.


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