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The Week in Review

Happy Sunday to all, hope everyone is staying dry.  I thought Sundays might be a good day to look back on the week.

First, a dose of "aww" - just a few of the adorable patients we saw this week. 

This week I vaccinated many animals and a question I got more than once was what one vaccine in particular was.  The vaccine DA2PP+L goes by a lot of names - Distemper, combo, 5 in 1, parvo shot, the puppy vaccine, etc.  I like to call it by the 5 in 1.  This vaccine protects against some serious diseases that affects mostly young dogs (Distemper/parvo) and also has adenovirus and parainfluenza virus protection (like the flu).  Our vaccine also protects against Leptospirosis (that's the +L part).  Leptospirosis is a bacteria that is carried in urine by wildlife and can cause serious kidney issues. We recommend vaccinating for it!  Although most combo vaccines are good for 3 years, the Lepto portion is only effective for 1 year, so be sure to schedule your pet's annual exam and booster.

Speaking of kidneys, there was a case of raisin ingestion on Saturday.  Raisins and grapes can cause sudden kidney shut-down in dogs, though the mechanism is unknown.  There also doesn't seem to be a correlation between the number eaten or the size of the pet.  Many food items are toxic to critters.  If you're unsure, please check before your pet chomps.  And in the event your pet eats something it shouldn't have, get them seen right away.  Early treatment of any toxin is critical.


This is Six. Six was brought to our clinic by 2 kind passer-bys in the park on Thursday evening.  Six had caught eye of a squirrel and took off, leash trailing behind. Six had a microchip, but it was not yet registered.  Fortunately Six's owner came by and picked him up. 

Microchips are fantastic and can help pets be re-united with their owners, but only if they are registered!  Just because your pet has a chip does not mean it has your information.  Chip information updates are also important and often forgotten if you move or change phone numbers.  Unsure if your pet's chip is linked to you?  Find out in the microchip search database below.  If you don't know your pet's chip number, please feel free to swing by and we can scan them for you. 


A very brief glimpse into the busy week we've had.  If you have questions about a topic in particular, please feel free to email:  drhillvet@gmail.com.    Looking forward to seeing what the next week brings.  Be sure to check those chips!


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