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Happy New Year! A new year typically comes with resolutions of living a healthier life. Why should the same not hold for the four-legged members of the family? One way to ensure a healthier life for your pet is getting regular dentals done. A professional dental cleaning is required to remove plaque and tartar from a pet’s teeth and to asses overall oral health.

Your pet’s teeth should be checked at least once a year by your vet, which can be done at a routine check-up. Have your pet’s teeth checked sooner if you notice the following symptoms: bad breath, broken or loose teeth, teeth that are discolored, refusal to eat, or swelling around the mouth. The largest risk in your pet’s oral health is periodontal disease. It is estimated that 85% of all pets have some degree of periodontal disease by the age of three. Periodontal disease is a progressive disease that starts when bacteria on the teeth work their way under the gums causing inflammation. Once under the gums, bacteria can destroy the supporting tissue around the tooth, leading to tooth loss. As the disease progresses the bacteria can also travel into the bloodstream to infect the heart, kidneys, and liver. Periodontal disease is not reversible. However, regular veterinary cleanings paired with diligent at-home care can slow the progression of the disease.

In order to achieve a thorough cleaning, the pet must be placed under anesthesia. During anesthesia, a soft plastic tube is inserted into the trachea to support the animal’s breathing and prevent inhalation of bacteria during the procedure. Dentals include cleaning, adjustment, filling, extraction, or repair of your pet’s teeth. The process begins with general examination of your pet’s oral cavity. Occasionally, radiographs will be ordered to assess the health of the jaw and tooth roots. Most dental disease occur below the gumline which is why anesthesia is necessary to perform a thorough exam. Before a pet can receive anesthesia, a blood panel must be ordered to ensure that the drugs can be properly metabolized.

In honor of February being Pet Dental Awareness Month, City Park Animal Clinic is offering 20% off dentals done in both January and February! We care about the health of your pet, so start the year off right and book a dental today! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pet’s oral health, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Blog by: Nicole Lathrop


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